PixelHacks V
pixelhacks vi
Date: TBD, 2022
The Bay Area's First All-Female High School Hackathon Is Back!
(2022 Update: In-person Hackathon is most likely)
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"These students represent the frontier of tech inclusivity and accessibility." -Taylor Fang




An event that gathers programmers with different abilities to "hack" and create a project in a limited amount of time.

About PixelHacks

PixelHacks was founded as the Bay Area's first student-run, all-female high school hackathon. It was a 24-hour, overnight hackathon as attendees work to build a software project that addresses a real-world problem. Our mission is to encourage women to pursue computing and technology and promote diversity in this ever-growing field. PixelHacks has welcomed hundreds of attendees since 2017!

Schedule: Get Ready For Workshops, Guest Lectures, and Fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

PixelHacks VI location is TBD and set to happen in early 2022!

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You don't need to have a team formed beforehand - you can form teams during the hackathon. Each team can have 2 to 4 individuals.

Absolutely not! There will also be workshops where you can improve your skills, mentors throughout the hackathon to help you personally, and you can also learn from other students!

This event, including all food, swag, and prizes, is completely free!

We welcome any high school student who identifies as female or non-binary!

Please stand by for a form to register to be a mentor, panelist, or judge, we'd love to have you!

Women in Tech Panel: Coming Soon!

Our Team

Isita is a junior grade at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. Her belief in the power of girls in STEM led her to want to help promote this mission with PixelHacks. She plans to pursue science and technology in college and beyond!

Isita Talukdar

Hackathon Co-Director

Yana is in 11th grade at Monta Vista High School. She hopes to educate other girls on STEAM-related opportunities and work with other females who prove that success in this field is tangible. In the future, she aspires to become a neonatal surgeon.

Yana Padte

Hackathon Co-Director

Chaitra is in 11th grade at Monta Vista High School and on PixelHacks Outreach for 2 years. SHe wants to go into UI/UX Design, and is happy to be part of PixelHack's mission of empowering girls in technology.

Chaitra Raghupathi

Marketing/Outreach Director

Riya is in 11th grade at Monta Vista High School. She has been on the PixelHacks team for over a year and is very glad to have the opportunity to make an impact by bridging the gender gap through PixelHacks. In the future, she plans to go into the medical field.

Riya Ravuri

Operations Director

Chloe is in 11th grade at Burlingame High School. She wants to help bridge the gender gap in tech and empower females in STEM to pursue their passions. In the future, she plans on exploring the intersection between design, tech, and AI.

Chloe Yan

Technology Member

Jasmita is in 11th grade at Monta Vista High School. She is excited to be able to inpsire women in STEM and help other girls who are interested in technology as well. In the future, she wants to major in Computer Science.

Jasmita Yechuri

Marketing/Outreach Member

Manasvi is in 11th grade at Cupertino High School. She is very excited to help organize PixelHacks V this year and believes it is very empowering to be part of a female-powered team, especially in STEM. In the future, she plans to join a field that revolves around technology and economics.

Manasvi Lodha

Operations Member


Srushti Adesara

Hackathon Co-Director 2020-21

Ria Doshi

Hackathon Co-Director 2020-21

Joy Liu

Hackathon Co-Director 2019-20

Tanvi Khot

Hackathon Co-Director 2019-20

Alyssa Umino

Sponsorship Director 2019-20

Tanupa Thaker

Hackathon Lead Director 2018-19

Catherine Yeo

Co-Founder & Executive Director 2016-18

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